Unmindful Motivational Quotes

Hey there, so it’s been a while! I’ve been neglecting my blog quite a bit due to a depressive episode, but I worked through it and got out of it a couple weeks ago! In relation to that, today I want to discuss (useless/insensitive/inconsiderate/thoughtless/unmindful/bullshit…

My First Summer Sunset of 2021

The Last Dinner: A Reflection

One year ago on Sunday, March 1, 2020, my mother and father, Clare, Pappou, Sean, and I had dinner together. We went to this Mexican place we like in our town. I remember a friend calling Sean and me to hang out as we were walking over — I’m glad we opted for the family dinner instead.

One year ago, it felt so good to be over the winter hurdle; I remember my mom saying something about how getting to March is always a relief (she said something similar this year too, hah).

Figuring Out a System That Works for You

To Everyone: This Is Where I’m At

An open letter I posted on Facebook on October 9, 2020

I originally…

What are “Screenshots for Success?”

A Way to Motivate and Build Self-Confidence

An Attitude of Radical Gratitude.

July 1, 2020 — Two Weeks Out

Liz Kay

A young widow with mental health disorders focused on healing, radical gratitude, and helping others. Check out lizkaythediary.life for more!

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